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networking with people who matter

Indie Studio | Solo Game Developer

Network with professionals, journalists, YouTubers and bloggers from the community like never before! Enjoy the platform to promote your games and collaborate with each other in the smartest of ways

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Create shout-outs to influencer community and fellow developers to kick start your campaigns

Build press list for your games by connecting with influencers and broadcasters of all sizes

Engage with influencers even before release and attract new ones on release and thereafter

Connect with artists, sound engineers, PRs and even students to collaborate/teamup on projects

Game Journalist | YouTuber | Blogger

Explore a fresh interface to take sneak peek at upcoming indie games and absolutely brace yourselves with popular picks well in advance! Get addicted to a networking space built for connecting with developers directly on the go

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Discover upcoming games with latest stories and updates from the developers themselves

Show Interest to cover a game with a single click & claim your key personally from the developer

Predefine Inbox Settings to obtain game contents from your favorite genre and platform

Easy interface to initiate and conduct developer interviews with message feature on every title


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Frequently Asked Questions

Best time for developers to use this system?

While developers can set up live campaigns after game release, we hugely recommend developers to create shout-outs and start networking well beforehand. We have a unique setup that allows the influencer community to keep track of upcoming titles with ease

Should I register now or perhaps later?

Developers on hibernation or those who are still far off from release dates of ongoing projects can take a peek inside. We wholeheartedly welcome you to initiate a profile for staying plugged with the community and gearing up for all your future endeavours

Why no more email game review requests?

Interface communication makes life easy for everyone involved. Influencers will always welcome monitored content instead of looking into heaps of random email review requests. This system also ensures developers with greater reach, tracking and follow up options every time

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